We moved into The Lodge a year ago and have had many adventures since then!! I keep friends and family entertained with stories of semi rural life (lots of space, no neighbours and we don't have a Tesco on our doorstep!!) We share our home with 3 crazy cats (George, Henry and Gracie) and our hens (Ethel, Fluffy and Lulu). Our dream is to become as self sufficient as possible, save money and help the environment that little bit!! I hope that this blog entertains and inspires!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wedding Fever!!

Life at the minute seems to be a blur of sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, recycling and composting!! I was always a bit hit and miss with the old recycling but since starting this blog I have felt duty bound to recycle and reuse wherever possible!! Of course all the old wine bottles will be reused for this years wine making, if we can get the plum stuff to clear, any suggestions welcome!! Stu has also reused an old gas bottle to make our very own chiminea, a stunning piece of workmanship that looks like a cyberman from Doctor Who!!
Wedding fever has also hit the lodge!! Rings and cake sorted yesterday (amazed at how excited I got over cake!!). Onto invites today! Designing our own with the help of some creative friends!! Getting through the to do list slowly but surely.

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  1. the gas bottle sounds abit dangerous to me, i am sure it has to be empty,in fact it would have to be empty, but i like the idea of it....keep up the good work