We moved into The Lodge a year ago and have had many adventures since then!! I keep friends and family entertained with stories of semi rural life (lots of space, no neighbours and we don't have a Tesco on our doorstep!!) We share our home with 3 crazy cats (George, Henry and Gracie) and our hens (Ethel, Fluffy and Lulu). Our dream is to become as self sufficient as possible, save money and help the environment that little bit!! I hope that this blog entertains and inspires!!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


I'm not sure if it's because the winter is setting in or because we are an old (ish) married couple now, but the nesting instinct has kicked in!! It's home improvements all the way!! The hubby has gone through the list of projects for the coming month, he has gone all Kirsty Allsop on me and is re-upholstering my old couch (he had promised me a new one many years ago after the cats destroyed it when we first moved in together!!) but waste not want not and I'm sure his efforts will be much grander than anything you can buy new!!! Next on his list is DIY double glazing http://www.bbc.co.uk/bloom/actions/secondaryglazing.shtml, I think he is going for the film/hairdryer option, will let you all know how it works!!
While the man of the house gets on with that, I have been left with the fun stuff!! I have been searching out fabrics, accessories, paints, bed linens you name it!! Anything vintage, 'shabby chic', with that country feel or generally unusual will do!! Have come across some lovely websites, these included http://www.vintagelifestyle.co.uk/http://www.vintagefabricmarket.co.uk/index.html. Once I have found the perfect fabric, making my own curtains will be first on my agenda, before building up to the BIG one, making my own patchwork quilt!! Until then I have made do with this lovely bed-set http://www.marksandspencer.com/Marks-and-Spencer-Heritage-Bedset/dp/B003FWCRD8, not to everyone's taste but I LOVE it!!!