We moved into The Lodge a year ago and have had many adventures since then!! I keep friends and family entertained with stories of semi rural life (lots of space, no neighbours and we don't have a Tesco on our doorstep!!) We share our home with 3 crazy cats (George, Henry and Gracie) and our hens (Ethel, Fluffy and Lulu). Our dream is to become as self sufficient as possible, save money and help the environment that little bit!! I hope that this blog entertains and inspires!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Down to Married Life!!

After the most hectic but amazing month, we are settling down to married life and it feels fantastic!!! We are pleased to say that the elusive Henry turned up this week, a day after we put the MISSING posters up!! Stu is convinced Henry can read, saw them and thought "ooh bugger they're getting worried, best show my face"!!! It has been highly entertaining observing his return and watching the 3 cats figure out some sort of rank and work out who is Top Cat!!!
The crop of toms may turn out to be a bit of a disappointment, too much rain and not enough sun (we felt for you guys while we were basking in the 30C heat of Thailand!!!) has left us with a huge batch of green toms with no sign of them turning!! Green tomato recipes welcome please!!
We are going to try our luck this weekend and plant some 'late' potatoes, carrots and some leek seedlings if we can find any!! Hopefully we shall have plenty of veg then for Christmas Day, as we will have a house full at The Lodge this year, yippee!! Looking for land too as we want to try and grow on a bigger scale next year, have signed up to http://www.landshare.net// fingers crossed!!
Well I must go and check on our two new additions, the hens, Pease and Pudding. They seem to be settling in with the other girls okay, lots of clucking going on out there so that should mean lots of egg laying!!

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